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A canon for the Bronze Age?

Catalogues and databases which are easily accessible to all interested parties regardless of their geographical location, occupation, background or purpose, provide a level playing field for research, publication and debate in the archaeology of the bronze age. The establishment of a canon of reliable, illustrated documentation of as many facets of the Bronze Age as are required, is a prerequisite to the future of our understanding of the Bronze Age.


Housekeeping, Neandertal-Style: Hearth Placement and Midden Formation in Kebara Cave (Israel)

The interpretation of Neandertal life ways has probably never been as polarized as it is today. At one extreme are many archaeologists and biological anthropologists, and quite a few geneticists, who see Neandertals as belonging to a species other than our own, most often a decidedly inferior one in terms of both behavior and cognitive wherewithal