20 Ancient Greek Proverbs

Some wit and wisdom from the classical world – here are proverbs from 20 ancient Greek writers.

1. It is difficult to argue with the belly, as it has no ears. ~ Plutarch

2. Milk the cows that is nearby, why chase the one that runs away? ~ Theocritus

3. Grey hairs are proof of age, but not of wisdom. ~ Menander

4. Many hands make light work. ~ Homer

5. Win by persuasion, not by force. ~ Bias of Priene

6. It will not always be summer: gather the harvest while you can. ~ Hesiod

7. The crowd is the most unreliable and witless thing in the world. ~ Demosthenes.

8. Old things become new with the passage of time. ~ Nicostratus

9. War is sweet to those who never tried it. ~ Pindar

10. When the wine is in, the words flow out. ~ Herodotus

11. Time is a doctor who heals all griefs. ~ Diphilus

12. Better to do a little than a great deal badly. ~ Socrates

13. If all the laws were to be abolished, it would not make much difference to our way of life. ~ Aristippus

14. The prosperity of a fool is a heavy burden to put up with. ~ Aeschylus

15. One swallow does not make a Spring. ~ Aristotle

16. Misfortunes are less sharp when shared with others. ~ Dio Chrysotom

17. Better learn late, than not at all. ~ Cleobulus

18. We know nothing for sure: truth is hidden at the bottom of a well. ~ Diogenes Laertius

19. In an honourable enterprise, there must be no delay. ~ Nigrinus

20. In a moment, we got from the sublime to the ridiculous. ~ Longrinus

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