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Eroticism and sexuality in Old Kingdom Egypt

Most research on sexuality and eroticism in Egypt has so far focused on the New Kingdom and the later periods, probably due to the fact that much more evidence survives from these periods. During the Early Dynastic and Old Kingdom the foundations for many cultural practices were laid, which were then perpetuated throughout the rest of the Dynastic period. An understanding of sexuality during this period is thus crucial background for fully appreciating the later evidence.


The Sunrise As The Birth Of A Baby: The Prenatal Key to Egyptian Mythology

In Egyptian mythology, the Sun God Ra stands at the center. There are many volumes written about the netherworld, the Amduat, such as The Book of the Gate of Heaven, The Book of the Cave, or The Book of the Earth, just to mention the most important ones. In these books of the netherworld, you can read what the dead king, the Pharaoh, can expect to encounter in that world.


Subordinate Woman or Favored Leader: Portrayals of Mary Magdalene in Christian Canonical & Non-Canonical Gospels

In the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John, the repeated mention and identification of Mary Magdalene by name validates her presence and prominence among Biblical women. Furthermore, when amongst a group of women, her name is frequently the first listed (though not always). Moreover, Jesus appears to Mary first after his resurrection in several of the books too. Despite these distinctions above nearly all other women, she is specifically named only eleven times in eight chapters of the Gospels (two chapters each).