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The regional imperial cult in the Roman province of Dalmatia

The province of Dalmatia was divided into three juridical districts (conventi iuridici): Scardona, Salona and Narona, of which the first was organized on the basis of the territorial principle and encompassed a higher number of municipalities (civitates) at once, while the Salona and Narona conventus communities were registered in accordance with narrower kinship communities, i.e. decuria.


Sabinus the Muleteer

It is well known that the tenth poem of the Vergilian Catalepton on Sabinus the Muleteer closely parodies Catullus Phaselus ille. The one poem elegantly describes the career of a sleek ship, its heroic voyages and its final retirement from service. The other humorously reports the career of a lowly mule driver named Sabinus, his business trips, his life in retirement.