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For All Time: An Examination of Romantic Love Through Curse Tablets

The current prevailing model for the study of gender and sexuality in Greco-Roman antiquity defines relationships as based upon either power or penetration. Through analysis of the amatory defixiones, or curse tablets, it will be demonstrated that romantic love, in addition to relationships based on domination and familial and political alliances, existed in the classical world.


On the Egyptian origin of the domestic cat

The traditional opinion is that the cat was domesticated in place in Egypt from
wild local stock. SCHAUENBERG (1972) contradicted this hypothesis by showing that the
cranial index (ic = cranium length/volume of encephalic cavity) of the modern domestic cat was closer to that of the steppe cat (Felis ornata) of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan than that of the wild Libyan desert cat (Felis libyca).