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Hierarchy of Women within Elite Families. Iconographic Data from the Old Kingdom

When the hierarchy of women is concerned, the range of data is limited, since women were virtually excluded from the bureaucracy, and the number of their own tombs is relatively low. In spite of this, over recent decades the studies focusing on women have been steadily increasing our knowledge on the position and roles of women in the Egyptian society of the Old Kingdom


Hypatia of Alexandria

So I asked myself, what does it mean that there is not a single woman of note engaged in philosophy or rhetoric for more than 1500 years? The obvious answer until now has been that women during this era were oppressed and the lack of primary materials by ancient women is an indication of the reality of their oppression.


Communal Agriculture in the Ptolemaic and Roman Fayyum

My approach to land rights is social and economic rather than juristic. In other words, I am not interested in the interpretation of ancient legal terms according to Roman or civil law categories, which risks imposing rigid categories on social relations that have little explanatory power…In this paper, I use the economic concepts of communal and private land rights to illuminate these relations.