Wine, Slaves, and the Emperor at Villa Magna

Wine, Slaves, and the Emperor at Villa Magna

Elizabeth Fentress, Caroline Goodson, and Marco Maiuro

Expedition: Volume 53, Number 2, Penn Museum, Summer (2011)


The ruins of the villa today cover around 17 ha in the Valley of the Sacco. Now called Villamagna, it has been known to scholars since the 18th century when the antiquarian Gavin Hamilton visited it and declared that it had too few statues to be worthy of further excavation. No scientific expedition had ever taken place at what was one of the most important imperial villas in Latium until 2005, when a team sponsored by the Penn Museum, the British School at Rome, the International Association for Classical Studies, and the Soprintendenza Archeologica of Lazio arrived at the site.

Our aim was to study an imperial estate over the longue dur

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