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Seeing One's Way: The Image and Action of Oidipous Tyrannos

To find ours, let us step back once more and examine Sophokles’ use of words. At a glance we notice a great deal of words related to sight in Oidipous Tyrannos . Roughly twice as many appear to us here than in the Antigone. The number picks up once more where Oidipous makes his final appearance in Oidipous at Kolonos. We can draw little more from this than that seeing and Oidipous are connected, fundamentally connected.


The Greek Achievement: The Birth of Classicism

This article is based on a lecture delivered at the The Greeks Institute, a series of lectures presented to secondary school teachers in the Bridgeport Public Schools during the spring of 1989. Co-sponsored by the Connecticut Humanities Council, Sacred Heart University, and the Bridgeport Public Schools, the purpose of the institute has been to provide teachers with an interdisciplinary exploration of classical Greece for the purposes of professional enrichment and curriculum development.