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The Menelaion: A Local Manifestation of a Pan-Hellenic Phenomenon

Sparta, the mythological birthplace and home of the Homeric heroine, was alleged to have worshiped her at two sites, at a shrine within the polis and at a shrine several kilometers outside the polis.8 We know very little about the former shrine, but the latter has been archaeologically attested; the partial walls and foundations of a fifth-century BCE monument to Helen of Sparta and her husband Menelaos, known as the Menelaion, have been recovered on a ridge near the west bank of the Eurotas.


Women in Egypt – how the status of women in Egypt changed during the Ptolemaic Period

This dissertation will thus attempt to shed light on the question of how and if the status of women changed in Ptolemaic Egypt during the Hellenistic period. The women in question will be both of the native Egyptian population and of the Graeco-Macedonian upper class who migrated toEgypt along with the early Ptolemaic dynasty (and who continued tomigrate to Egypt throughout the Hellenistic period).


A Sacred People: Roman Identity in the Age of Augustus

Studies of collective identity have grown rapidly among ancient historians in recent decades, particularly among scholars of the Greek world. Scholars have been fascinated by the development of Greek identity, from the dark ages of Greece through the classical period, from the Hellenistic Age through to its period of political dormancy under Roman rule. Despite this plethora of work being done on Greek identity, there is not a comparable genre of works on Roman identity.