Early history of wound treatment

Early history of wound treatment

Forrest, Richard D. (Department of Internal Medicine, Centrallasarettet, Boedn, Sweden)

Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, Volume 75, March (1982)


Wounds cause pain, bleeding, disability and death. They have always been common and the problems associated with their treatment are as old as mankind and advances in the care of wounds have advanced the whole art of surgery.The history of surgery has been the history of wound therapy during the last four or five millenia and, despite the causes of the injury generally being obvious and the wound easily observed, it is only in the last two to three decades that the processes occurring in the wound and the factors influencing them have been understood.
The aim of wound treatment has always been to reduce the risks caused by the wound itself and to minimize potential complications. Pain, hadmorrhage, loss of skin continuity and tissue substance in a wound have tested man

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