The development of the Eucharist in the second century

The development of the Eucharist in the second century

By Samuel Andrew Gibby

Master’s Thesis, Regent University, 2010

Abstract: This thesis explores the writings of two second century Christian writers to understand how the Eucharist developed during this critical time period. By reconstructing the historical and social climate of Antioch and Rome in the second century, this work will uncover how Christians celebrated the Eucharist and what formed their understanding of this rite. Additionally, textual analysis of the writings of Ignatius of Antioch and Justin the Martyr of Rome will identify key pieces of Eucharistic praxis and theology in the second century. It will be seen that although the sacrament was formed out of its historical context, the Eucharist was viewed as effectual for the believers’ salvation, the future of the Church and participation in the eternal kingdom of heaven.


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